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Martin Millers 9 Moons

Martin Millers has added a cask-aged gin to its portfolio. 9 Moons is the result of bartender experimentation in New York, in which the gin was rested in small barrels.

The company then carried out its own barrel ageing in Iceland. The resultant 9 Moons spent nine months in new Bourbon oak. The gin is cut with Icelandic spring water.

"Given how much we have derided the idea of ruining great gin by ageing I was stunned at what an intriguing, complex and exciting product came out of the new oak barrel after nine months," said Martin Miller's co-founder Andreas Versteegh. "Starting out as a fun offbeat activity, I am now very curious to see how people react to this first example of aged Martin Miller's Gin. We will continue experimenting with ageing on a small scale even if it is just for our own amusement, and if another one comes out as well as this one we may introduce it to the public."

The launch is limited to around 2,000 bottles.

Stem code: 17861
Size: 375ml
ABV: 40.00%
Country: Iceland
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