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Mor is an adventurous spirit, for the adventurous of spirit. Our gin is handmade because we believe that’s the only way to create a consistently excellent gin. And same goes for our ingredients, we chose the simplest and purest flavours to craft a bold gin that’s true to its botanicals.

We’ve let our gin dictate what matters. Rather than fitting our vision for a gin around a setting and process, we’ve crafted a gin around those very things. People, craft and innovation have shaped Mór into what it is today. And we continue to dig deeper, listen more and uncover new ways forward with every batch we make.

Mor is governed by local botanicals and they change as the seasons do. As flavours drift in and out of season, we tailor our production. Editions come and go but every single one is rooted in a united ethos – to expertly, respectfully and creativity make the best gin possible.

Tullamore is more than simply a setting. It runs through our gin just as the Slieve Bloom mountain water does. Botanicals, passion and craft all come together to make Mór what it is. We’re a small batch distilled gin with big time ambition Simple.

Stem code: 18529
Size: 70cl
ABV: 40.00%
Country: Ireland
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